Livestream: Missouri’s Culinary Food History – The Reveal of New Statewide Podcast Hungry For MO

Missouri Humanities Council and KCUR are pleased to introduce Hungry For MO. Co-hosted by Jenny Vergara, foodie and freelance writer, and Natasha Bailey, a chef, cheesemaker, and home gardener, the show celebrates how local cuisine connects us as a community and shapes our region’s identity.

Each podcast episode dives deep—taking the listener on a food journey that highlights Missouri cuisine—including interviews with the food inventors, historical events, and unique circumstances or family recipes that went into some of our state’s most iconic dishes. The podcast drops on August 10. Be the first to hear audio excerpts as we discuss the making of Hungry For MO at Together for '21!


  • Lisa Carrico, Director of Family and Veterans Programs with the Missouri Humanities Council
  • Jenny Vergara, FEAST Magazine Contributing Editor for Kansas City and Founder of Test Kitchen Underground Supperclub


Livestream begins on Saturday, August 7, at 2:00 pm CDT

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