The Missouri Bicentennial Commission offers a license to use the Missouri 2021 logo to commercial, for-profit entities upon an approved application. Products may include but are not limited to wearable apparel, technology accessories, food and beverage packaging, etc. All products must be appropriate and are subject to review.

Applicants must complete the online submission form, found below. Applicants should describe the way the logo will be used or displayed and provide a description of any proposed service, item, or product, and related packaging, if any. Applications will be evaluated within 30 days of receipt. The Commission reserves the right to refuse an application for any reason. The official Missouri 2021 logo is trademarked by the State Historical Society of Missouri for the Missouri Bicentennial Commission.


Missouri 2021 Bourbon from Blacksmith Distillery

Blacksmith Distillery, Cole County’s first and only distillery, has hand crafted Missouri 2021, a limited edition, special release bourbon to celebrate the State of Missouri's bicentennial. The bourbon is made with Missouri corn that is aged in Missouri made oak barrels classifying it as the unique style of whiskey now officially recognized as Missouri Bourbon Whiskey.  It will be available directly at Blacksmith Distillery in Lohman as well as select retailers throughout the state during this bicentennial year.