Watkins Mill Heirloom Garden Celebration

Join our public bicentennial celebration of the Watkins Mill Heirloom Garden:  April 24-25, 2021. Watkins Mill Historic Site offers an amazing heritage — connecting 19th Century living with today. The Mill, Home and farm attract folks interested in history, the Industrial Revolution, agriculture and textile businesses, heirloom gardening, animal husbandry, food preservation and practical arts. Visiting Watkins Woolen Mill Historic Site is to step into the 19th Century. The Watkins Family Garden independently fed up to 40 people a day in the 1800s. The Watkins Family carefully recorded the vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits they grew.  Missouri Extension Master Gardeners care for the today’s Heirloom Garden year-round. They organically raise plant varieties and follow garden practices used by Mary Ann Watkins and her four daughters. Many buildings that Waltus Watkins built over half a century — including the Family Home, three-story Woolen Mill, Chapel, one-room School House and farm buildings — are preserved to provide Visitors a sense of 1870s life.  College professors and K-12 teachers recognize Watkins Mill’s importance in the Industrial Revolution and Civil War. Master Gardener Volunteers share how the Watkins Family Garden is relevant today. They participate in special events by displaying heirloom tools, and demonstrating and explaining organic garden practices with attending children and their families. They staff a Children’s Table, teaching garden related information geared toward children. Garden tours are offered where they share knowledge of the 1870s heirloom varieties grown.