Warsaw Bicentennial Festival and Transportation Thru the Years

Join us September 18, 2021 for the Warsaw Bicentennial Festival and Transportation Thru the Years. Included in the festivities is the Warsaw Junk Market, a parade featuring Transportation Through the Years, cars from the years past, present and more.  A car show hosted by Ozark Street Cars, a cornhole tournament hosted by Guardians of the Children and music on Main Street.

There will be a reception at the Benton County Museum in the early evening to showcase all of Benton County’s history through the years.  The museum features exhibits of swinging bridges across the Osage River, as well as the importance of river travel in the development of Benton County and during the Civil War, the development of businesses and the 99 one-room schoolhouses across the county, and Fajen’s and Bishop’s companies which brought Warsaw’s claim to being “The Gunstock Capital of the World.” A ribbon cutting of the revised Warsaw Historic Tour will also be this day.

A new GeoArt is being released in conjunction with the Warsaw Bicentennial Celebration. Anyone interested in learning about geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) can go online to geocaching.com. Those attending the breakfast will be given a head start before the GeoArt is published and have a greater chance of a FTF (first-to-find).  The art spells out MO.  There will be 2 events on Sept. 18, 2021.  A breakfast event at Drake Harbor Amphitheater will be the meeting point and a CITO (cash-in-trash-out) event in the afternoon.  More information will be released in June about both events along with GC (geocache) codes for events. We are going to have a raffle for a geocaching lap quilt the day of the event. Locations of solved puzzle caches are planned to be within a 5-mile radius of downtown Warsaw Missouri. Warsaw will be hosting a bicentennial event that day also, so there will be food trucks and events close by if you want to enjoy those while here. There will be approximately 27 new caches published making up the art and the art will look like this.