Audrain County Historical Society Walk Back in Time

Join us September 24-26, 2021 for the Audrain County Historical Society Walk Back in Time. The Walk Back in Time is a time line of American history that completely surrounds the Graceland Mansion and consists of realistic camps and characters. Most relevant to Missouri are the Western explorers and commerce of the mountain men of the 1830s. The Civil War camps feature General Ulysses Grant (portrayed by Dr. Curt Fields) who, as a Colonel, commanded a unit in Audrain County that protected the railroad and the General likely resided in nearby Graceland Mansion. It was here that he received word of his promotion to general.  Also featured with special pride is Missouri’s own General John J. Pershing who commanded the American Expeditionary Force in World War I and later became America’s highest ranking general: six stars. To all this we add a formal Battalion Review by the Missouri Military Academy cadets, held on Sunday at the grounds of the Historical Society.