Voices of Arrow Rock, Spirit of the Missouri Frontier

Voices of Arrow Rock, Spirit of the Missouri Frontier is a theatrical production bringing to life voices of early Arrow Rock citizens whose experiences help us understand what people’s lives were like during the early to mid-19th century on the Missouri frontier. These voices transcend time and geography and help give a platform for underrepresented voices of the past. The citizens include George Fenwick and Lewis, an enslaved man, Burton and Nancy Lawless, Sophia Murrell and Mary, an enslaved woman, and Adeline and Frank Switzler, former enslaved persons, freed by emancipation.

In addition to the performances, a book with the script and insights from the producer and playwrights will be published. Friends of Arrow Rock as the sponsoring organization is partnering with the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre to develop and present the project. The Arrow Rock Premiere is August 7, 2021 at 10 am in the Christian Church on Main Street. Details about additional performance dates and locations will follow.