Virtual Wiki Edit-a-Thon: Missouri Artists

Do you know the sculptor who created the Court of Penguins on Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza or that one of the first commercially successful African American cartoonists was from Missouri? If not, you’re not alone! Help us share these discoveries, and much more, from the newly launched research portal, Missouri Remembers: Artists in Missouri through 1951, in this Wiki edit-a-thon. Wikipedia is visited by billions of people a year and so by improving, correcting and creating new articles on Missouri artists we can share the important role of Missouri in the arts. Featured speaker Alexis Carr will share her insights on the importance of representation in art and Wikipedia.

This edit-a-thon is collaboratively hosted by the Missouri Remembers project team, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City Art Institute, and The St. Louis Public Library, and the Kansas City Public Library.