Stone County Courthouse 100th Birthday

Postponed due to COVID-19. Updates to come.

On March 27, 1920, a time capsule was put in the cornerstone of the newly built Stone County Courthouse. This capsule has been removed and opened.  On March 28, 2020, new items will be placed in the capsule during a ceremony based on what was done in 1920. The items in the capsule show how much the area has changed from early pioneer days. The 100th “birthday” party, the brainchild of the advanced stretch class of Galena Elementary, is scheduled almost to the day 100 years later with the plans coinciding with what was done in 1920.  Relatives of those present are being sought and the grandson of one of the lawyers is going to be the master of ceremonies.  County officials and other dignitaries will speak, items in the original box will be on display and 21st century items placed inside for another 100 years, and a bluegrass band will play for entertainment.