Save Allen Cemetery


Allen Cemetery is a nearly 200-year-old cemetery located between Franklin and St. Louis County. The cemetery contains dozens of Civil War and WW1 burials, interments of pioneering families of Missouri, and even MLB player Bob Klinger and his family. An organized clean-up and preservation day was held on April 27, 2019. Multiple local organizations joined together to help clean up this treasured landmark. It is relevant to Missouri 2021’s mission because, through this restoration effort, we helped to keep a physical tie to this critical crossroad of Missouri. In 1826, many pioneering families traveling between St. Louis and Franklin County did not reach their final destination. Several of those pioneering families later had descendants that remained in this area who then served our country in the wars that followed, such as the Allens, Shoults, Wenglers, Brockmeiers, Whitworths and many more.