Randolph County Museum of Industry, History & Culture

Come and visit the new permanent curated museum in the lowest level of the Randolph County Courthouse with rotating displays provided by the Randolph County Historical Society and the county archives. A committee of the presiding commissioner and area historians oversees the project. The rotating displays with comments will educate adults and children about the history and culture of Randolph County featuring notable persons, events and sites. Persons include bushwhacker William T. Anderson, Gen. Omar N. Bradley, gunmaker John H. Hall, Gov. Hancock Jackson, poet Melvin B. Tolson and U.S. Sen. Robert J. Wilson. Events include the 1830 trial of Moanagonda, the 1858 Huntsville Racoon Race, the hanging of “Hade” Brown and visits by William Jennings Byran, Marshall Joffre, William H. Taft and Brigham Young. Sites include the Potawatomi Trail of Death.