Phelps County Commemorative Quilt Project

The Phelps County Commemorative Quilt was made a local group of 6 quilters, for the St. James Chamber of Commerce, to help us celebrate Phelps County’s contribution to the State for the past 200 years. The first settlers arrived in the Phelps County area sometime around 1818 and throughout the 200+ years, Phelps County citizens have made some very significant contributions to not only the State, but world-wide. The quilters worked with the County Historical Society to do research about the County, the various points of interest and some of the people who throughout  history have made an impact in our area. The group says they have really enjoyed learning more about our County’s history and all the towns that make up the County. They also enjoyed creating the block patterns reflecting the County’s natural resources, beauty and interest. The commemorative quilt will be displayed at the St. James Tourist Information Center Oct 1-5, 2021 and then available to be displayed throughout the county and state. It will end its tour at the 2021 Grape & Fall Festival where it will be displayed in the exhibition hall on Aug. 25-28, 2021. For more information, please contact the Chamber Director at