Ozark Cigar Box Guitar Music Festival 2020

The Ozark Cigar Box Guitar Music Festival is an annual two-day family-friendly event, bringing together local and nationally-recognized artists and musicians, showcasing their homemade cigar box guitars, which are made of recyclable materials. As the name cigar box guitar implies, the instrumental body is made of an empty cigar box. The head and neck can be made out of anything from broom handle to wooden slates or sticks and the actual body out of bedpans, skillets, and anything in between. The festival organizer, a Benton County native, seeks to cultivate a passion for the craft, teach others to make their own instruments, and share his passion for music played on these handcrafted instruments. This two-day family-friendly event is located overlooking the Osage Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks at the Drake Harbor outdoor amphitheater and will be held Saturday, August 1st 1-8pm and Sunday, August 2nd 11am-5pm (times subject to change). For more information, please contact Lynette Stokes at 660-438-2090 or lstokes@visitbentoncomo.com or Ryan at 660-233-1671.