Macon County Celebrates Missouri’s Bicentennial

Join us this summer as we go back to our roots and see how it all began as Missouri will be celebrating its 200th birthday!

Our first event will be held on July 24th. Our local airport will also be open and serving breakfast and lunch as well as having their E.A.A. Fly-In. So, make sure to stop by and grab a bite to eat! We will also have ten different historical sites open in Macon, Bevier, and La Plata. The Ten Mile Store will also be featuring a live bluegrass concert and a BBQ food truck starting at 6:30PM to finish off the day!

Our second event of the year will be held on August 21st. We will be featuring displays of our local towns that help make Missouri what it is! We will also have a live reenactment group and a live storyteller. Join us as we go back to our roots on August 21st from 9AM-2PM on the corner of Bourke and Rollins Street in Downtown Macon. Make sure to like us on Facebook “Macon County Celebrates Missouri’s Bicentennial” for more details about each event.