Liberty African American Legacy Memorial

Legacy Memorial Press Kit

We will celebrate Missouri’s Bicentennial in 2021 with a memorial honoring more than 700 African Americans buried in the segregated sections of Fairview and New Hope Cemeteries. Persons who were enslaved, domestic staff, day laborers, housewives, infants and children, businessmen, war veterans, and more are buried on this hallowed ground. In a 6 acre field, these mothers, sons, fathers, and daughters are buried, largely in unmarked graves. We have made it our mission to acknowledge them in their final resting place. Coming together as a community, we recognize that their contributions to Liberty helped build the town we call home and we invite all to join us in honoring their lives and legacy.

After Missouri statehood in 1821, Clay County was formed in 1822 with Liberty as the county seat. In that first settlement there were enslaved persons. This memorial will honor the known persons with inscribed names and also unknown persons — who are buried in what was the segregated portion of Fairview/New Hope cemetery.  Permanent story panels will enrich the experience. We plan to have a commissioned art piece in the plaza center. We will have a paved walkway from the road to the center plaza area. The project dedication (August 2021 is the goal) will be a permanent gift to our City.