Alexander Doniphan Community History Project

Some suggest that Alexander Doniphan was one of the most influential people in Missouri history, yet he is little known. As an attorney he defended a religious minority when the state expelled and authorized their extermination. Doniphan developed the Kearney Code that established the rule of law in what would become New Mexico. He was an accomplished military leader and is recognized in Fort Leavenworth’s Hall of Fame. Doniphan was chiefly responsible for the founding of William Jewell College in Liberty, and for establishing public schools in Clay County. Members of the Alexander Doniphan Committee decided to sponsor a community writing project to help tell Doniphan’s story. Such a project would also be a great way for more people to learn about Doniphan and would be a meaningful way to celebrate the Missouri Bicentennial. Anthology editors Steve Potter and Jeremiah Morgan will be online to discuss the historical significance of Doniphan and the importance of community writing projects like this anthology. This State of Stories program was produced in partnership with The University of Missouri Extension Community Arts Program to commemorate and celebrate the Missouri Bicentennial.