June 12, 2020, marks the two hundredth anniversary of the convening of the first Missouri Constitutional Convention in St. Louis. After nearly six weeks, the delegates adopted a constitution on July 19, 1820, taking another critical step towards Missouri statehood.

To commemorate the creation of the 1820 Missouri Constitution, the Supreme Court of Missouri Bicentennial Committee created the Bicentennial Constitution Quiz.

Two quizzes have been created, one for students and one for adults. The quizzes were designed with increased difficulty for adults. The quizzes aim to provide an interactive learning opportunity for all Missourians. 

An image of the 1820 Constitution of Missouri is displayed to the right, provided by Missouri State Archives. Missouri State Archives holds a copy of the 1820 Constitution of Missouri. The original document is held by the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D. C.