Missouri 2021 is excited to announce two new members of the Bicentennial Alliance: Missouri Arts Council and Missouri Folk Arts Program. Both bring unique and exciting perspectives to the bicentennial commemoration.

“The Missouri Arts Council has been part of Missouri’s history for over 50 years,” said Michael Donovan, executive director of the 


Missouri Arts Council. “There is no better way to illustrate and celebrate the state’s bicentennial heritage than with the arts. In 2021, Missouri’s Bicentennial will come alive in our visual, literary, and performing arts.”  

The Bicentennial Alliance is a coalition of statewide non-profit organizations and government agencies working together to develop and promote statewide projects commemorating the Missouri Bicentennial.

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Happy birthday, Missouri!

Today, August 10, 2018, marks Missouri’s 197th anniversary of statehood and places us one year closer to the Missouri Bicentennial in 2021.

Under the Missouri 2021 banner, the State Historical Society of Missouri is coordinating a statewide ccommemoration that incorporates both rural and urban communities in projects, programs, and events.

This year has been a busy year for Missouri 2021. As of today, Missouri 2021 has met with people and grou

ps in 80 counties and the City of St. Louis to talk about planned and proposed Bicentennial-related activities.

Two new partners have joined the Bicentennial Alliance: the Missouri Folk Arts Program and the Missouri Arts Council.

Missouri 2021 has also launched two new programs exploring Missouri’s history and culture at the occasion of its bicentennial in 2021—the My Missouri 2021 Photograph Project and the Missouri 2021 Endorsement Program.

And today, on the state’s 197th anniversary of statehood, Missouri 2021 is unveiling a completely redesigned and updated website.

The new site includes information about all of the ways you can get involved with planning and commemorating Missouri’s 200th year as a state.

Missouri 2021 continues to be active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you are not already following us, we invite you to start now. We are using these platforms to share information about Missouri Bicentennial planning and activities. Missouri 2021 also welcomes queries or comments at contact@missouri2021.org.

Thank you for your interest in the Missouri Bicentennial!

“We want to ensure that Missourians—both at home and abroad—will walk away from the bicentennial experience with a greater appreciation of the state’s history and its diverse communities and cultures. Missourians are a dynamic, innovative, and persistent group of people. The bicentennial is an excellent reason for all Missourians to evaluate who we are and consider who we will be.” – Michael Sweeney, Bicentennial Coordinator

Michael Sweeney at Arrow Rock meeting.

SHSMO’s bicentennial coordinator Michael Sweeney presents at the Friends of Arrow Rock Annual Meeting.

Join the State Historical Society of Missouri at two upcoming bicentennial programs! On June 6 SHSMO’s bicentennial coordinator Michael Sweeney will share what plans are in place for Missouri’s 200th birthday on August 10, 2021, and how you can join in the commemoration. This program will be held at 7 p.m. in the Missouri State Museum’s History Hall, located in the east wing of the Missouri State Capitol, 201 West Capitol Avenue. To access the Capitol after 5:30 p.m., enter through the garage on the east side of the building.

You can also learn more about Missouri’s Bicentennial at 2 p.m. on June 12 in Washington, Missouri. “Your Missouri Story: Finding Your History and Helping Write It through the Bicentennial” will be hosted by the Washington Historical Society at 113 East 4th Street. The session will cover Missouri 2021’s new projects and programs, and attendees will learn tips to help them discover their history within the State Historical Society of Missouri’s vast collection. Since 1898 SHSMO has been entrusted to collect, preserve, and share the state’s history, giving a voice to the people who helped build this country.

Missouri Encyclopedia logoThe State Historical Society of Missouri is developing a new online Missouri Encyclopedia for the Missouri Bicentennial. To be comprehensive, the editorial team needs your help. Who are the people and what are the places and events that shaped your community, your county, and your region? Contribute topic suggestions online.

The Missouri Encyclopedia seeks to provide concise, informative articles on subjects significant to the history of Missouri and its region. This online resource for general audiences will launch in 2021. Visit the website or download the flyer for more information, including writer’s guidelines and sample articles.

Missouri landscape

The intersection of Missouri Highway 11 and Route Y in northeast Missouri, facing northwest.

The State Historical Society of Missouri has launched two new programs exploring Missouri’s history and culture at the occasion of its bicentennial in 2021—the My Missouri 2021 Photograph Project and the Missouri 2021 Endorsement Program.

The My Missouri 2021 Photograph Project invites professional and amateur photographers to submit their work for an exhibition that will run during the bicentennial. Two hundred images will be selected and exhibited at the Society’s future headquarters building in Columbia and other sites around the state in 2021. The photos will also be featured in a digital collection on the Missouri 2021 website.

The project will create a lasting visual retrospective of the state’s physical and cultural landscape at the time of its bicentennial. The 200 selected photos will become part of SHSMO’s permanent bicentennial collection, where they will remain available to researchers, teachers, students, and the general public.

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The Missouri 2021 Endorsement Program creates a media partnership with local organizations seeking to develop and host their own bicentennial activities or to brand existing community offerings for the bicentennial year. Endorsed programs and events receive acknowledgment from the State Historical Society and are granted permission to use Missouri 2021 logos according to established guidelines. Endorsed programs or events will also be publicized on the Missouri 2021 website. See the current list of projects.

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