The Missouri Bicentennial provides an occasion for celebrating and exploring the rich history and culture of the State. Through the Endorsement Program, Missouri 2021 offers an official endorsement to local communities, non-profit organizations, and government agencies for projects, programs, and events that align with the Missouri 2021 mission and vision occurring between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2021. Endorsement includes permission to use the Missouri 2021 logos according to established guidelines and promotion on the Missouri 2021 website and social media platforms.


A Missouri 2021 endorsement includes:

  1. Your project, program, or event posted on the Missouri 2021 website calendar and endorsement map at missouri2021.org.

  2. Permission to use the official Missouri 2021 Bicentennial logo in accordance with the Missouri 2021 Bicentennial media kit.

  3. Promotion on the Missouri 2021 social media platforms.


Missouri 2021 reserves the right to reject an endorsement or revoke an endorsement for any reason. Please note Missouri 2021 will not consider endorsing the following:

  1. Individuals (e.g. candidates for public office)
  2. For-profit ventures
  3. Political organizations
  4. Exclusionary or discriminatory activities
  5. Publications
  6. Merchandise


To be considered for a Missouri 2021 endorsement, the applicant must show that the proposed project, program, or event meets the criteria outlined below.

  1. Relevant to the Missouri 2021 mission to promote a better understanding of Missouri, its regions, communities, and people, both past and present.

  2. Open to the public and as accessible as practical.

  3. Funding and operations of the project, program, or event are self-supporting.


Applications may be submitted electronically using the form below.

Applications will be reviewed on the fifteenth of every month, with endorsed projects, programs, and events announced by the fifteenth of the following month. If additional time for review is needed, the applicant will be notified. Approval or denial of any application will be made at the discretion of the executive director of the State Historical Society of Missouri in consultation with the bicentennial coordinator and the Bicentennial Committee.

If you have questions concerning the Endorsement Program, the application process, or Missouri 2021, please contact us at contact@missouri2021.org.