Under the Missouri 2021 banner, the State Historical Society of Missouri is committed to coordinating a truly statewide celebration that incorporates both rural and urban communities in projects, programs, and events that contribute to a better shared understanding of the State’s geographic and cultural diversity as well as the similarities that bring us together as Missourians. In 2018, SHSMO is excited to offer these community engagement projects.


Missouri Encyclopedia logoThe online Missouri Encyclopedia will provide users easy access to authoritative information on the history and culture of Missouri. To be comprehensive, the editorial team needs your help. Who are the people and what are the places and events that shaped your community, your county, and your region? Learn more about the Missouri Encyclopedia and help contribute topic suggestions.


Missouri landscapeMy Missouri 2021 invites professional and amateur photographers to capture and share distinctiveness of place across Missouri by using the hashtag #MyMissouri2021. Photographs meeting program guidelines will be shared online through the Missouri 2021 website, social media platforms, and exhibition. A selection of these photographs will also be added to the State Historical Society of Missouri’s permanent Bicentennial manuscript collection.


Since the pioneer days of the American Midwest, quilts have been a cornerstone of Missouri culture, fashion, and tradition. In honor of our great state’s two hundred year anniversary, The State Historical Society of Missouri and Missouri Star Quilt Company are teaming up to create the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt! Using one quilt block from each and every Missouri county and the independent City of St. Louis, we’re looking to create a quilt featuring the unique characteristics of Missouri culture and style.


Missouri Community Legacies provides an opportunity for local groups, school classes, and others to document local traditions and creative expressions, meaningful places, and organizations and institutions of significance to communities, counties, and regions around the State. When completed, the documentation will be donated to the State Historical Society of Missouri research center responsible for collecting in the county where the individual project emerged. The result will be a “snap shot” of Missouri during its Bicentennial—built by the people of Missouri—and a resource of long-term use to Missourians and others interested in the history and culture of the State.