On October 12, 2018, Governor Michael L. Parson signed Executive Order 18-07 creating the Missouri Bicentennial Commission. The purpose of the Commission is to “aid the State Historical Society of Missouri in its charge to plan for and implement the commemoration of the Missouri bicentennial and to further state efforts to honor the State of Missouri and its rich history and heritage on the occasion of its bicentennial.” You may read the full text of Executive Order 18-07 here.

Retired Missouri Senator Ronald F. Richard of Joplin and Mayor Carrie Tergin of Jefferson City co-chair the Missouri Bicentennial Commission.


Ronald F. Richard – Commission Co-Chair
President Pro Tempore of the Missouri Senate (retired)

Carrie Tergin – Commission Co-Chair
Mayor, City of Jefferson

Mike Kehoe
Missouri Lieutenant Governor

John R. Ashcroft
Missouri Secretary of State

Dave Schatz
President Pro Tempore of the Missouri Senate

Elijah Haahr
Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives

Sara Parker Pauley
Director, Missouri Department of Conservation

Carol S. Comer
Director, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Chris Chinn
Director, Missouri Department of Agriculture

Ward Franz
Director, Missouri Division of Tourism

Gary R. Kremer
Executive Director, The State Historical Society of Missouri

Frances Levine
President, Missouri Historical Society

William Belko
Executive Director, Missouri Humanities Council

Patrick Baker
Chair, Missouri State Capitol Commission

Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr.
United States District Judge, Eastern District of Missouri

Mary R. Russell
Judge, Supreme Court of Missouri


Posted Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 1:00 p.m.

Notice is hereby given that the Missouri Bicentennial Commission will conduct a meeting at 1:00 pm on Monday, September 30, 2019, at the Center for Missouri Studies, 605 Elm Street, Columbia, Missouri. The meeting may also be accessed by telephone at 1.866.305.2467 with passcode 147268.

The tentative agenda for this meeting includes:

1) Approval of minutes for June 10, 2019, meeting

2) Updates from Commission members

3) Sunshine Law Policy

4) Proposed budget / MDT/SHSMO MOU review

5) Projects

6) August 10, 2021, event

7) Fundraising

8) Authorized merchandise

9) Next meeting